Cherrywoods Townhouses by Meraas at Al Qudra Road, Dubai

Meraas Holding creating a new chapter of Cherrywoods with luxurious and sophisticated 3 & 4 bedroom townhouses decorated with full living amenities which are located at the crossroads between Emirates Road and Al Qudra Road.
Cherrywoods Townhouses includes contemporary interior, spacious rooms that are beyond imagination and the art created to its best. Meraas Properties providing a space where residents can start their beautiful stories begin and memories, filled with friendly gatherings and quality time with family.
Meraas Cherrywoods Townhouses is an exclusive gated community is home to retail and dining experiences, a community center and an expansive central park. It is the place you never want to leave and you will not need to since everything you need is at your doorstep.



Cherrywoods Townhouses having verdant setting & tranquil environmental amenities which activates the lifestyle of their tenants. Say hello to all the fun at any time in Meraas Cherrywoods Townhouses, which is a unique hub designed to cater to all ages demand for leisure and sport...   Read More


1st Installment 5%
Down Payment
2nd Installment 5%
1 Month From Purchase Date
3rd Installment 5%
7 Months From Purchase Date
4th Installment 5%
10 Months From Purchase Date
5th Installment 5%
13 Months From Purchase Date
6th Installment 10%
22 Months From Purchase Date
7th Installment 5%
25 Months From Purchase Date
8th Installment 10%
30 Months From Purchase Date
9th Installment 5%
6 Months Post-Handover
10th Installment 5%
12 Months Post-Handover
11th Installment 5%
18 Months Post-Handover
12th Installment 5%
24 Months Post-Handover
13th Installment 5%
30 Months Post-Handover
14th Installment 5%
36 Months Post-Handover
15th Installment 5%
42 Months Post-Handover
16th Installment 5%
48 Months Post-Handover
17th Installment 5%
54 Months Post-Handover
18th Installment 5%
60 Months Post-Handover

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